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Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing place to study. Studying in New Zealand provides world-class qualifications and high-quality education. The government of New Zealand has set strong quality assurance that would ensure high-quality education that too at all levels of education. Public and private both education system exists in New Zealand. New Zealand universities assures that the students get the necessary skills and obtain relevant qualifications along with value for money as well. In New Zealand, Ministry of Education develops the necessary education goals along with the curriculum for primary and secondary schools. The Education Review Office lays a check on the quality of education as well as the support of students in primary and secondary schools. Universities in New Zealand assures that they are delivering quality education as well as quality qualifications.

There is separate department in New Zealand named New Zealand qualifications authority which ascertain that the degree from New Zealand is recognized and accepted worldwide. There is another council in New Zealand named Education Council of New Zealand which is responsible for maintaining educational standards for primary and secondary school teachers. Due to this New Zealand has world-class education which attracts international students.


Education system in New Zealand is segregated into 5 categories:

  • Tertiary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Intermediate School
  • Primary School
  • Early Childhood
  • Generally, students in New Zealand are made to solve problems with the support of teachers.
  • Students process information, creation and innovation and working with others.
  • Any level the student is studying, it will enable you to be successful in your career.
  • In tertiary education, New Zealand comprises of 16 institutes of technology and Polytechnics, 550 Private Training Establishments including English language schools.
  • Student is free to choose whichever institution best suits him/her.
  • Universities generally provide higher level education.
  • All the courses are research oriented and academic rather than vocational.
  • 7 of the universities in New Zealand are in top 100 according to 2020 QS rankings.
  • Some universities provide vocational degree level education as well.
  • Private Training Establishments provide special vocational courses at diploma and certificate level.
  • Secondary education is aimed at working towards National Certificate of Educational Achievement.
  • Secondary schools provide education in tourism, computing and other vocational subjects.
  • New Zealand has various types of schools like state schools, state integrated schools and private schools as well.
  • Intermediate schools often act as a bridge between primary and secondary school.


  • New Zealand provides world-class education which attracts International students.
  • New Zealand is considered to be world’s best place to live and study.
  • New Zealand provides internationally renowned education system.
  • The lifestyle in New Zealand is unbeatable.
  • The local people in New Zealand are friendly and welcoming.
  • New Zealand provides full of opportunities along with unique experiences.
  • New Zealand discovers an innovative way of learning.
  • New Zealand provides you opportunity to explore different culture.
  • Graduates say that they are forging successful career after studying in New Zealand.


New Zealand has a diverse education system along with numerous courses. Some of them are:

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Business & Management
  • Mathematics
  • Agriculture
  • Digital Design
  • Fashion & Design
  • Food & Hospitality


Following are the steps to study in New Zealand:

  • Firstly, candidate must choose the institution, programme and the course.
  • Secondly, candidate must plan his/her budget according to the selected course.
  • Next step is to apply for the selected course
  • Candidate must then apply for the VISA.
  • After the approval of the VISA, candidate is ready to go for New Zealand.


  • Government of New Zealand for the care of international students have set up a code for practice which sets out fair and ethical practices.
  • This is the main reason why International students opts for studying in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand has a very flexible education system.
  • New Zealand has numerous study options to select according to your budget.
  • New Zealand offers high quality of life.
  • New Zealand offers excellent work life balance.
  • New Zealand provides world-class education.
  • All 8 universities of New Zealand are amongst the top 3%.
  • Academic excellence and personalized learning are two of the aspects followed by New Zealand universities.
  • A better and improved CV is ready for the students studying in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand qualifications are respected and recognized globally.


  • New Zealand is regarded as the 2nd most peaceful country in the world.
  • Students get an opportunity to study in peaceful and politically stable country.
  • New Zealand has lowest of the corruption rates.
  • New Zealand has an unbeatable lifestyle and get to experience stunning nature.
  • New Zealand provides new way of learning.
  • Students learn to ask queries and think critically.
  • Teaching strategy in New Zealand is focused on practical hands on learning.
  • New Zealand welcomes new people as it is multi-cultural society.
  • The people have shared understanding and respect for others.
  • Student improve their English language skills by talking in English in workplace.
  • Students get to work while they are studying.
  • Students are paid and they can support their studies.
  • Part-time job gives a valuable experience for the students.
  • There is a great package for PhD’s for students in New Zealand.
  • Students can also work full-time while completing your studies.
  • Students gain life skills necessary for personal growth and development.
  • Student can gear yourself up for a bright future.


  • Candidates who are planning to go to New Zealand for studying can learn basic English language.
  • Learning of English language will be helpful in communication for those who are not well versed with English.
  • Interacting with local people can be helpful by learning English language.
  • Courses are taught in English medium thus; students need to know English.


  • Student must have a valid Student VISA if he/she is studying for more than 3 months in New Zealand.
  • Student must have an offer letter from educational institution which is approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
  • Student must have written update from the specific institution that is valid.
  • Student must also have a written know how of the accommodation in New Zealand.
  • Student must show n evidence of sufficient funds for living in New Zealand.
  • Student must have enough money to buy the return ticket to your home country.
  • Visitor VISA is enough for students studying for a duration of 3 months.


Some of the requirements for New Zealand Student VISA are as follows:

  • Complete filled and signed national visa application form.
  • Your valid national passport.
  • Two photocopies of your passport.
  • Your certificate of birth. (If Required)
  • Your marriage certificates. (If Required)
  • Your child’s certificate of birth.
  • Your recent 3 passport-style photographs.


  • New Zealand health system is designed so that everyone gets a fair life.
  • Healthcare is quite affordable.
  • Appointment and seeing a doctor are also easy.
  • Government subsidies benefits some New Zealand residents and some work VISA holders.
  • Students can prefer a medical insurance for private healthcare.
  • Non-residents can prefer healthcare services with additional cost factor.


  • New Zealand has a very flexible education system.
  • New Zealand has numerous study options that will suit your budget.
  • New Zealand offers high quality of life.
  • New Zealand offers excellent work life balance.
  • The cost of living is also very reasonable and affordable.
  • Students VISA in New Zealand covers the living expenses as well.
  • Candidate needs to show the proof of funds when studying in New Zealand.
  • Living cost largely depends on the lifestyle of the student.
  • Cost factor varies with region to region.
  • The travelling cost is also reasonable and inexpensive.
  • Accommodation cost vary from $440 to $510 in Auckland.
  • There are plenty of options available for accommodation ranging from apartments to homestay depending on the lifestyle that suits you.
  • Entertainment costs is not much and many tertiary education schools offers discount cards for students.
  • Food costs are also reasonable ranging from $60 to $70.
  • Transport in New Zealand is mainly of buses for students.
  • Phones and internet have monthly plans starting from about $19.


  • New Zealand is a relaxed place to live.
  • Student can explore New Zealand vibrant modern cities.
  • Students can enjoy live music, film, dance theatre, dance, free festivals and international sports.
  • Students can hang out with friends in a café or restaurant. 
  • New Zealand people believes in maintaining equilibrium between work and life.
  • New Zealand provides world-quality of life.
  • Students can enjoy hobby and explore nature.
  • New Zealand is a place where everyone gives space and room to breathe.
  • It is considered that each day is a new adventure in New Zealand.


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