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Engineering in Germany

Engineering in Germany

Germany is known as the hub for budding engineers. You will be amazed to know that Germany is synonymous with engineering and is known for producing some of the best engineers across the globe. Germany has created a brand of its own in terms of German Engineering. Most of the Indian students wish to pursue engineering from Germany and have their resumes shine with German internship background. Let’s reveal one more exciting fact about German Engineering. German Engineers are in great demand all over the world owing to intensive practical training that they get in colleges when compared to US and other European countries. All the technical universities in Germany pay more attention on practical and job-oriented programs rather than focusing only on theory-based knowledge.

By pursuing engineering from Germany, International students will open gateways to the industry. Students are exposed to the real-life practical engineering challenges and issues in a way of learning which is itself the best way to study anything especially domain like Engineering. There are two categories of higher educational institutions that teach engineering in Germany research universities or Universitaeten and universities of applied sciences or Fachhochschulen. Fachhochschulen are known for providing Diploma program teaching specific applications of Engineering. Universitaeten offers both Diploma program as well as doctorates program by applying more theoretical approach towards Engineering.


Some of the reasons to study in Germanyare as follows:

  • Germany offers automation technology institutes in Engineering.
  • Germany is known as the hub for budding engineers.
  • Germany is known to have produced some of the best engineers across the globe.
  • German internship during engineering is quite popular among Indian students.
  • German universities provide intensive practical training for the Engineering students.
  • German universities pay more attention to practical and job-oriented programs.
  • There are two categories of German universities segregated based on the engineering degree they provide.  


Some of the advantages of studying in Germanyare as follows:

  • German engineers are high in demand and Germany is known to have produced some of the best engineers.
  • German universities have close ties with the industry.
  • German students get exposure to real-life practical engineering issues.
  • The structure of engineering is segregated into two different categories making it beneficial for the students.
  • Each semester is clearly of 3 months whether its Universitaeten or Fachhochschulen.
  • The industrial training in Fachhochschulen for last 2 semesters is advantageous for the students.


Germany has variety of courses in the field of Engineering whether its Bachelor’s or Master’s. Some of the engineering fields that are offered by German universities are as follows:

  • IT
  • Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechatronics
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical Discipline
  • Design Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


  • Students must acquire high-quality education from globally recognized universities in Germany.
  • German universities offer students with lots of opportunities and exciting career.

The eligibility criteria for studying in Germanyis as follows:

  • Student must have a bachelor’s Degree
  • Student must have recent CV/Resume
  • Student must have a Letter of Recommendation from the university
  • English Proficiency Test Scores: IELTS or TOEFL or PTE whichever the student has.


  • Duly filed admission form.
  • Scorecard of IELTS
  • Recommendation letter from the selected university
  • Resume of the candidate
  • Students need photocopy of all the educational documents
  • Student must satisfy the eligibility criteria needed for the specific engineering programme
  • Copy of passport
  • Any additional document required by the University
  • Admission forms needed by the university


  • German universities offer admission two times a year for Engineering i.e. Summer and Winter.
  • The deadlines differ and varies from one university to another university.
  • Summer semester begins in the months of March or April.
  • The date for applications starts from September or October and closes on January 15th.


  • Overseas students will require student VISA to study in Germany.
  • For courses lasting up to 3 months, candidate will require a Schengen VISA.
  • For courses lasting for more than 3 months, candidate will require a German National VISA.
  • German Student VISA is a standard student VISA which is accepted by German universities.
  • German Student Applicant VISA, candidate need to apply from within Germany.
  • German Language Course VISA, is for studying German language.
  • Students from European origin do not require VISA to study in Germany.
  • Student must have a stay permit if the students is willing to stay for more than 3 months.
  • For the International students, VISA is compulsory.
  • Students can apply for the VISA from German embassies.
  • Stay permit rules of staying for more than 3 months in Germany are applicable for Non-European citizens as well.


  • Student must be capable of depositing the fees for the Engineering course in Germany
  • Student must give the bank details and other important documents required by the university.


  • Cost of living in Germany is reasonable as compared to other European countries.
  • Living expenses can be dealt with in 800 Euros per month.
  • Cost of food, accommodation, bills, clothes and entertainment are nominal in Germany.
  • Fixed amount of money to be paid for university services.
  • Amenities provided by the university are bus travelling, administrative assistance and sports activities.
  • Some of the public universities provide tuition-free education in Germany.
  • Overall cost of living depends on the lifestyle of the students.
  • Students can save the money by choosing ideal place to live in.


The application process to study Engineering in Germany are as follows:

  • Search for a study programme.
  • Student must meet all the requirements.
  • Students must learn the German language as it is easy for them to interact with local people.
  • Search for the suitable financial resources.
  • Student must then apply for the admission in the German university
  • Student must then get his/her German student VISA.


  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Application fee for Visa
  • Accommodation proof
  • Documents for transport like the railway or flight tickets
  • Student must have a properly filled and signed application for the visa
  • Student must have a valid Passport
  • Student must have a letter of acceptance from the college or university
  • Recent resume of the candidate
  • Valid Certificates from the school or the college
  • Evidence of proficiency of the language
  • Evidence that states the fact that the candidate has enough funds to study in Germany
  • Health Insurance from a recognized organization


  • There are some rules and regulations set for students by every university in Germany.
  • Candidate can work for total of 120 full or 240 half days in a year as a student.
  • High unemployment regions may benefit a candidate by working for more than 120 days.
  • As per university rules, a student will not be permitted to work for more than 20 hours in a week.
  • Work permit is required from Federal Agency or the foreigner’s authority is required.
  • Permit sanctioned defines the number of working hours for a student.
  • Taxes are applicable on the earned salary.
  • Candidate earning less than 450 Euros a month does not need to pay any taxes.
  • Student working within the university has to follow different rules.
  • Student can work for long hours if he/she is working within the university.
  • Getting a job within the university is not an easy thing.
  • There is numerous part time job in Germany namely teaching, support staff at a café or English tutors or industrial production assistants.
  •  On an average, a student earns 450 Euros a month.


  • For Indian students, studying in Germany is one of the best choices.
  • Germany offers education at an affordable cost
  • Germany offers diverse culture for Indian students for smooth and entertaining life.
  • In Germany, Indian food is available and connection to Indian community makes it one of the best places to study.
  • Choosing Germany for higher education is one of the finest choices’ students make for their career.


  • The cost of living is economical.
  • Numerous work opportunities for international students.
  • Future prospects are bright for the students.
  • Student learn a new language.
  • Student learn to live and adjust among diverse community.
  • Rich cultural and historical heritage of Germany can be explored by the students.
  • Germany is known for its higher education programs.
  • Germany has some of the world-wide ranked universities.
  • Degrees are of global value.
  • Affordable living costs.
  • High rate of employability.
  • Low or no tuition fees.
  • German universities have maintained above average higher education standards.
  • Candidate has an opportunity to travel Europe on student VISA.
  • Countless degree courses offered by German universities.
  • Globally Recognized study programs.


Engineering colleges in Germany provide universally recognized degree that caters to a wide range of career options for the students after getting their Engineering degree in Germany. They can apply for further studies or get placements in engineering sector to shape their dreams. Hence, infrastructure industry in India has marked a significant rise in recent years and people are picking this service, therefore Indian students pass out from German engineering colleges have chances of accomplishing the job in high profile engineering sectors as professional engineers and can also establish their engineering career in India.


Engineering Graduates from Engineering Colleges in Germany have in-depth knowledge regarding the behavioral, social, and engineering sciences, as well as they learn about the importance of engineering education and the task of engineers in society. Indian students are now selecting Engineering in Germany and other popular foreign destinations like Engineering in Europe, Engineering in Poland, Engineering in Georgia and other overseas colleges and universities to be equipped with practical engineering knowledge in various groups of technology and their accurate applications.


Indian students who own a foreign engineering degree from Germany can also establish their engineering career in Germany or other countries because the German Engineering degrees are well esteemed across the world. Studying at engineering institutes in Germany assures Indian students to practice their engineering profession in Germany in Government or Private sectors after having the relevant work permit from the German Government. We are a singular platform when it comes find top & best low fees German Engineering Colleges for Indian students for Engineering in Germany. We offer direct admission to Engineering in Germany at affordable fees.


All of us know that some challenges are obvious in International studies, meanwhile, numerous engineers have completed their Engineering in Germany and still several students prefer to go Germany every year to study Engineering. Being the most transparent and reliable overseas educational consultant, Xpertise Education Consultancy also displays the challenges faced by Indian Students while a study in top German Engineering University.


Most of the Engineering Universities in Germany offer Engineering programs in the German Language and some of them offer Bilingual Engineering programs. But you need not worry about the language problem because the Engineering universities recommended by Xpertise Education Consultancy offer Engineering programs in English.


Germany has most probably a temperate climate controlled by humid winds. Since the nation is located between the climate of the continental Eastern European and the oceanic Western European. The country faces moderated climate because of the drift of the North Atlantic and the northern expansion of Gulf Stream. This warm water impacts the region nearby the North Sea. The average annual precipitation is 789 mm the winter season is moderately cool, whereas the summer season is warm because the temperature crosses 30°C in the summer season.


Cost of Engineering in Germany: The Engineering expenses in Germany are less costly and may be managed consistent with your range. In fact, Engineering in Germany is low-cost. Really, the cost of engineering and accommodation requirements in Germany is the key factor in relation to taking the selection of pursuing Engineering admission in Germany. The actual cost of Engineering in Germany for Indian students starts from one lakh* annually, including course fee and accommodation.

Global Syllabus: The Engineering syllabus in Germany is globally identified. The syllabus of Engineering in Germany generates the capability of professionalism into college students. Engineering in Germany follows a collective application of studying Engineering, therefore the Indian Engineering students have to be approximately secure about the authenticity and validity of the German engineering curriculum.

Language in Germany: Most of the Engineering Universities or Colleges in Germany, recommended by Xpertise Education Consultancy Consultant, offer engineering programs in English. Even you may not be concerned about the language problems in the Engineering universities recommended by us. We suggest overseas engineering programs in English medium.

Availability of Indian Embassy: Indian Embassy is available in Germany and helps you like one in all your dependable buddies. Indian Embassy in Germany guides and protects the Indian Engineering college students in every state of affairs.

Safety of International Students: Before applying Engineering in Germany, you should go through the reviews posted by Indian students about their experience, who already studying Engineering in Germany. Further, you may check the ranking of Germany in safety concerns countdown and the crime rate against international students while study engineering in Germany. All these guides are helpful to Indian students applying for Engineering in Germany.

Professional possibilities and other Scopes: German engineering colleges provide universally approved degree and offer intensive professional possibilities for engineers after their Engineering degree in Germany. It has been the best option for International applicants who are looking for an affordable engineering abroad. Several people are selecting Engineering in Germany for their engineering studies in foreign countries, especially in the European Region. If you want to learn advanced engineering studies and earn expertise, Engineering in Germany would be one of the best options for you.


The Federal Republic of Germany is a self-governing, parliamentary republic, situated in the center of Western Europe. The country has sixteen constituent states, having an area of around 357,021 kilometers square. It is the most populous nation in the European Union with more than 82 million residents. Germany is the second most preferred immigration destination following the USA. Berlin is largest metropolitan city and the capital of Germany. The other premier cities in the country are Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Bremen, Nuremberg, Dresden, and Hannover. The nation is a mixed and rapidly growing economy; even the institutes and universities undertake the responsibility of ensuring high standard educational quality, therefore Studying Engineering in Germany is considered as a popular destination among international students who wish to study Engineering in Europe and is something worth considering because the country has maintained its standard in higher education as well as sets a benchmark across the globe.


Germany has most probably a temperate climate controlled by humid winds. Since the nation is located between the climate of the continental Eastern European and the oceanic Western European. The country faces moderated climate because of the drift of the North Atlantic and the northern expansion of Gulf Stream. This warm water impacts the region near to the North Sea. The average annual precipitation is 789 mm the winter season is moderately cool, whereas the summer season is warm because the temperature crosses 30°C in the summer season.

International rankings of Germany

Global Peace Index
16 (163)
Human Development Index
4 (188)
Corruption Perceptions Index
10 (176)
Democracy Index
Global Competitiveness Report
5 (148)
Press Freedom Index
10 (183)

Source (Wikipedia)


The living standard of Germany is above satisfactory level as the nation has witnessed rapid economic growth. Agriculture and tourism are the principal factors that play important role in economic development. Study Engineering in Germany can facilitate you with important opportunities and comfort which are required for better engineering education. Berlin is the most populous city in Germany having the population of 3,800, 000. Engineering in Germany for international students is worth deal as they could get the world-class infrastructure, sophisticated library, modern classrooms with audio-video aids, internet facility, and advanced computer rooms. German engineering colleges provide regular cultural conferences, international conferences for international students. The colleges also arrange seminars on medicine to teach and motivate the students from renowned engineering practitioners from all over the world.



Germany is basically a secular country, in which the major religion is Christianity, i.e., almost 59 percent of total population, 34 percent of the population follows no religion. Six percent follows Islam, whereas one percent of the people have other religious beliefs.


Germany offers low-cost Engineering courses than that of other European Countries. Indian, Nepalese and other International Engineering students can easily get admission for Engineering in Germany and obtain top academic alternatives and career options. Engineering in Europe, Engineering in Poland and Engineering in others foreign countries are also affordable for engineering students. These colleges provide exceptional education quality with a premium infrastructure. Engineering Students can manage affordable living cost in Germany; therefore they select Engineering in Germany for good accommodation, internships and an engineering degree which is recognized worldwide. Engineering fees in Germany are lower than that of other foreign engineering destinations. It follows European lifestyle, politically stable, English medium education and no entrance test. Germany possesses many tourist destinations which make Germany one of the popular places to study low-cost Engineering. The country is safe for international students and also fulfills almost entire necessities to qualify the international standard of engineering education.


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Q1. How much time is needed for completing bachelors and master’s degree course in Engineering from Germany?
Ans.: The duration of completing bachelor’s degree course in Engineering depends on which category the candidate chooses. However, the duration of completing master’s degree course in Engineering also vary.

Q2. Is it compulsory to learn German language to pursue engineering from Germany?
Ans.: No, it is not compulsory to learn German language while pursuing Engineering from Germany. However, in some universities it becomes mandatory to learn German in order to pursue Engineering.

Q3. State the various scopes of scholarship offered by German universities?
Ans.: Most of the universities provide scholarships which are based on the merits.

Q4. What is the start date of academic year in Germany?
Ans.: In most of the universities, there are two sessions for a particular year. One of the semesters begins in the months of March or April.The date for applications starts from September or October and closes on January 15th.


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