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Engineering in Abroad

Engineering in Abroad

With more than decade of experience in offering technical education, technical universities in abroad have set a benchmark in education sector. Pursuing engineering in Abroad is a new-fangled upcoming goal for Indian students. Numerous students fantasise to study MBBS in Abroad. For students who aim to study engineering, Engineering in abroad is amongst their top preferences. Engineering has witnessed a boom amongst Indian students who are keen for pursuing engineering in Abroad.  Technical universities in abroad offers provide subsidized education and scholarships for engineering aspirants. The cost is a fundamental aspect which attracts the Indian students to study engineering in abroad. The statistics unwinds that every year more than 10,000 Indian students plan to study engineering abroad in 12 diverse countries. Students dream of experiencing exceptionally high quality of education offered in the curriculum by technical universities. The universities in abroad are focusing primarily to upgrade the classrooms technically and establishing advanced technical labs. There are 2 modes of teaching namely practical classes and lectures. The small ratio of students and teachers enables the students to grasp the language at a rapid scale. For the advancement of their careers, students aim to pursue engineering in America, Europe, Russia and other foreign countries where technical universities are having 200 old years of experience.


International students have a variety of choices to opt while pursuing Engineering. There are various engineering fields in Abroad are as follows:

  • IT
  • Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechatronics
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical Discipline
  • Design Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Agriculture and forests engineering
  • Architect engineering and urban planning
  • Robotics and automation engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Engineering in information technology
  • Engineering in power
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Engineering in oil and gas


Some of the reasons to study in abroad are as follows:

  • There are variety of engineering courses available in many subject areas.
  • Foreign universities offer some of the best engineering courses as compared to other countries.
  • Foreign universities have multicultural society having a rich diversity of culture and language.
  • Countries in Abroad offer outstanding quality in terms of education.
  • Foreign Universities are some of the best-in-class across the world.
  • Universities in abroad are on high ranks in world rankings.
  • Foreign universities have reputation of world class research.
  • Higher education in Abroad is world famous in terms of academics.
  • Students coming from all over the world to study engineering can enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Students can improve the level of critical thinking by opting to pursue engineering from abroad.
  • There are high-quality graduate opportunities available in foreign universities.


  • Availability of universities in Abroad which are low in fees.
  • Internationally recognized degrees and universities.
  • Universities in Foreign offer quality education.
  • Availability of seats for international students seeking for study in Abroad.
  • Indian cuisine is available for the Indian students which makes them feel at home.
  • No need of donation or capitation fees to get admission for studying in Foreign universities.
  • Medium of language being used is English
  • Lot of opportunities provided by education system in Abroad.
  • Universities in Abroad provide strong research infrastructure.
  • There are ample opportunities for work while studying.
  • After completing the graduation from abroad, Students can get the work permit as well.
  • There are scholarships and financial support provided by Foreign universities.
  • Indian students in Abroad are often given free medical treatment.
  • Abroad offers cross cultural experience for the students which is indeed great experience for them.


For students who like to solve technical problems and good at science and maths, you may consider to become an engineer. Engineers solve technical problems and have their forte in science and maths while doing their job. Considering the student number, Engineering is considered to be the most sought-after degree which helps in developing problem-solving skills as well as robust quantitative background. Let’s have a look at some of the countries which offer excellent Engineering courses.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada


Engineering in USA offers various specializations which incorporates strong theoretical knowledge along with practical elements which are often connected with real-world problems. For students who wish to pursue Engineering in USA, its time to explore USA.

Advantages of Engineering in USA

  • USA universities offer robust theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge.
  • Students can apply their skills in the field of Engineering.
  • The duration of engineering in USA is of 4 years.
  • In Engineering, the students are given knowledge in Liberal Arts.
  • The master’s degree is of the tenure of 2 years.
  • The post-graduate degree involves internship and thesis.
  •  Postgraduate degree is more focused on one specialization.
  • The engineering courses are accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology) 

Explore USA

Capital Washington D.C.
Official Language English
English Speaking Population More than 80%
Minimum Temperature -52 degree C
Maximum Temperature 56.7 degree C
Currency United States Dollar
Boundaries Shared By USA Canada to the north, and Mexico to the south, Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.
Exchange Rates to INR 1 USD is equal to 70.68 Indian Rupee
Time Difference between USA and India Washington DC, USA is 9 hours 30 minutes behind of India
Travel Time from Delhi to USA Approximately 17 hours 21 minutes (Non-Stop Flight)
Approximately 17 to 20 hours (One-stop flight)
Religion Roman Catholic (Followed by 50% of people)
Climate  Continental Influenced Climate with Cold Winters
Population Approx. 32.72 crores


Students who are aiming to work in Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and other popular companies must pursue engineering from UK. Give a look at some of the benefits of engineering in UK.

Advantages of Engineering in UK

  • Engineering in UK offers a rich heritage to the students.
  • UK universities offer plethora of courses for the engineering students.
  • Different branches of engineering in UK are Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Aeronautical, Chemical and Marine Engineering.
  • UK universities offer work placements and sandwich courses at an undergraduate level.
  • Students have an excellent opportunity to build network in UK.
  • Engineering in UK offers an outstanding range of specializations at graduate as well as postgraduate level.
  • There is an amalgamation of compulsory and optional specialization subjects.

Explore UK

Capital London
Official Language English
Boundaries Shared by UK Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the Faroe Islands (Denmark) and Ireland.
Religion Christianity of all denominations namely Catholic, Protestant, Baptist and Methodist.
Exchange Rates to INR 1 Pound Sterling is equal to 92.74 Indian Rupee
Culture Catholic traditions prevail
Climate Warm summers and cool winters prevail
Minimum Temperature -27.2 degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 38.7 degree C
Time Difference between India and UK India is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of UK
Travel time from India to UK Approximately 9 to 10 hours (Non-Stop Flight)
Approximately 11 to 12 hours (One-stop flight)
Health Insurance £1435 to £2000 per year
Largest City London
UK Cities London, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Swansea, Sheffield, Peterborough, York, Birmingham, Edinburg, Newport, Glasgow
Population 6.64 crores
Currency Pound Sterling
Listed Universities 130
Country Ranking (2018) 3rd amongst 44 countries in Europe
Ethnic Groups White British
Black British
British Asian
British People
British Indians
British Chinese
British Pakistanis
 Calling Code +44
ISO 3166 code GBR
Internet TLD .uk


For those technical aspirants who are aiming to aspire to pursue engineering in Aviation, Aerospace, Biomedical, building services, building construction, computer science, Chemical engineering, civil engineering and others can choose to pursue engineering in Australia.

Advantages of Engineering in Australia

  • Australian scientists are known for playing a key role in advancing knowledge in fundamental areas.
  • Students who concentrate in aspects like integrating business and regulatory aspects accompanied with teaching.
  • Engineering in Australia is known for offering specialization in Bachelor’s, Master’s and other doctorate courses.
  • The brilliant programs in Australian universities permit students to work as professional Engineers.
  • Students completing their graduate degree from Australian universities are eligible for membership with Engineers Australia, Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers.

Explore Australia

Capital Canberra
Official Language English
Boundaries Shared by Australia Australia shares borders with East Timor, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia (France)
Religion Christianity with fundamental denominations comprising of Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church, Presbyterian and Reformed, Eastern Orthodox, Baptist and Lutheran.
Exchange Rates to INR 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 0.021 Australian Dollar
Culture Western culture prevails generally derived from Britain
Climate Northern part of Australia experiences tropical influenced climate whereas Southern part of Australia experiences cooler summers and rainy winters.
Minimum Temperature -23 degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 50.7 degree C
Time Difference between India and Australia Australia is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of India
Travel time from India to Australia Approximately 12 to 13 hours (Non-Stop Flight)
Approximately 15 to 16 hours (One-stop flight)
Health Insurance $400 to $500 per year
Largest City Sydney
Australian Cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle
Population 2.46 crores
Currency Australian Dollar


Students who are interested in mechanics, materials, electronics and telecommunications must aim for pursuing Engineering in New Zealand. Have a glance at exploring New Zealand.

Advantages of Engineering in New Zealand

  • Students who enjoy technical problems and designing solutions must pursue engineering in New Zealand.
  • Engineering courses offered by New Zealand universities is an amalgamation of engineering and real-world applications.
  • Students can opt for engineering in private colleges as well as industry organizations.
  • New Zealand universities welcome students from all across the world with open arms.
  • Students coming from across the world bring in more cultural diversity and adds to the economy.
  • There are 8 fundamental institutions forming a university of New Zealand where students come from all over the world namely Asia, Europe, UK and various other places.

Explore New Zealand

Capital Wellington
Official Language English
Boundaries Shared by New Zealand New Zealand shares borders American Samoa (United States), Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia (France), Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga
Religion Christianity is the fundamental religion
Exchange Rates to INR 1 New Zealand Dollar is equal to 46.90 Indian Rupee
Culture Maori culture prevails influenced by western culture.
Climate Temperate climate prevails
Minimum Temperature -25.6 degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 42 degree C
Time Difference between India and New Zealand New Zealand is 7 hours 30 minutes ahead of India
Travel time from India to New Zealand Approximately 15 to hours (Non-Stop Flight)


Approximately 20 to 22 hours (One-stop flight)

Health Insurance $611 to $670 per year
Largest City Auckland
New Zealand Cities Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Nelson, Rotorua, Tauranga, Queensland, Palmerston North
Population 47.9 lakhs
Currency New Zealand Dollar


Students who have a zeal for constructive innovation can come and pursue Engineering in Canada. They can actually enthral the world by completing their graduation from Canada. Explore Canada before actually going there.

Advantages of Engineering in Canada

Some of the advantages of studying engineering in Canada are as follows:

  • The tenure of engineering in Canada is generally of 4 to 5 years.
  • If the student has an associate degree then he/she can directly be admitted in the third year of engineering in Canadian university.
  • You can choose from a variety of options from engineering courses in Canada.
  •  Various fields are offered by Canadian universities such as Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Engineering Science, Environmental, Geological, Industrial or Manufacturing.
  • Canadian engineering programs are accredited by Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).
  • Some students can opt to become registered professional engineers in Quebec.

Explore Canada

Capital Ottawa
Official Language English and French
Religion Roman Catholic religion is practiced by Canadians.
Exchange Rates to INR 1 Canadian Dollar is equal to 54.51 Indian Rupee
Culture Canadian culture is influenced by European traditions and multicultural environment
Climate Canada experiences snow and cold climate. In reality, climate in Canada is diverse as its culture.
Minimum Temperature -63 degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 45 degree C
Time Difference between India and Canada India is 10 hours 30 minutes ahead of Ottawa, Canada
Travel time from India to Canada Approximately 13 to 14 hours (Non-Stop Flight)
Approximately 18 to 19 hours (One-stop flight)
Health Insurance $2000 to $4000 per year
Largest City Toronto
Canadian Cities Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia
Population 3.76 crores
Currency Canadian Dollar

These were some of the highlights about five of the best countries which offer Engineering courses. Have a look at some of the exciting facts about these countries as well.

Country Facts
USA You will be amazed to know that the tallest mountain in the world is situated in USA. Mauna Kea mountain is even taller than USA.
One of the most visited museums in the USA is Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
This is really interesting. Almost 3 billion Pizzas are sold every day in America and Americans eat approx. 100 acres of pizza every day. This makes them Pizza lovers.
As you are going to witness America. Let us tell you that there are 182 places in USA having the word Christmas in their names.
If you are an adventurous person then you must visit New Jersey which has the world’s highest roller coaster ride.
UK London’s Shard building inaugurated in 2012 is considered as one of the tallest building in whole of Europe.
In UK, tea is regarded as the most popular drink among the Britishers. You will be surprised to know that on an average 165 million cups of tea is consumed every day in UK.
In London, more than 300 different languages are spoken. Isn’t it interesting?
First postage stamp was created in UK which was designed in the year 1840 comprising of the figure of Queen Victoria.
Australia Australian Alps are known and famous for having more amount of snow as compared to Swiss Alps.
One of the interesting facts about Australians is that 90% of them reside on the coast.
Tasmania, part of Australia is known for having cleanest air across the globe.
Pride of Australia and its joy named as Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest ecosystem in the world located in Australia.
Queensland is famous for Fraser Island which is supposed to be the largest sand island across the globe.
New Zealand People in New Zealand are fond of their cars. You will be surprised to know that Car ownership rates is highest in New Zealand.
New Zealand is supposed to be one of the least populated countries in the world.
New Zealand happens to be the first country who has given the right for women to vote in 1893.
The first person who climbed mount Everest in 1953 was a New Zealander named Sir Edmund Hillary.
Auckland is considered to be the only country having largest number of boats.
Canada Canada is one of the countries having high literacy ratio. Approx. half of the Canadian citizens are degree holder.
One of the interesting facts about Canadian lakes is that rest of the world’s lake is less than number of lakes in Canada.
Canada is known to be famous for macaroni and cheese and Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese than any other nation across the globe.
In terms of total area, Canada is the second largest country across the globe.
The density of population in Canada is lowest in the whole world.


The eligibility criteria for studying in Germanyis as follows:

  • Student must have a bachelor’s Degree
  • Student must have recent CV/Resume
  • Student must have a Letter of Recommendation from the university
  • English Proficiency Test Scores: IELTS or TOEFL or PTE whichever the student has.


  • Duly filed admission form.
  • Scorecard of IELTS
  • Recommendation letter from the selected university
  • Resume of the candidate
  • Students need photocopy of all the educational documents
  • Student must satisfy the eligibility criteria needed for the specific engineering programme
  • Copy of passport
  • Any additional document required by the University
  • Admission forms needed by the university


  • Foreign universities offer admission two times a year for Engineering i.e. Summer and Winter.
  • The deadlines differ and varies from one university to another university.
  • Summer semester begins in the months of March or April.
  • The date for applications starts from September or October and closes on January 15th.
  • Different universities deadlines may differ.  


  • Overseas students will require student VISA to study in Abroad.
  • For courses lasting up to 3 months, candidate generally need a Schengen VISA.
  • For courses lasting for more than 3 months, candidate will require a Foreign National VISA.
  • Foreign Student VISA is a standard student VISA which is accepted by Foreign universities.
  • Foreign Student Applicant VISA, candidate need to apply from within Abroad.
  • Foreign Language Course VISA, is for studying Foreign language.
  • Students from European origin do not require VISA to study in Foreign.
  • Student must have a stay permit if the students is willing to stay for more than 3 months.
  • For the International students, VISA is compulsory.
  • Students can apply for the VISA from Foreign embassies.


  • Student must be capable of depositing the fees for the Engineering course in Abroad
  • Student must give the bank details and other important documents required by the university.


  • Foreign universities have a very flexible education system.
  • Foreign universities have numerous study options that will suit your budget.
  • Foreign universities offer high quality of life.
  • Foreign universities offer excellent work life balance.
  • The cost of living in abroad is reasonable.
  • Students VISA in Foreign universities covers the living expenses as well.
  • Candidate needs to show the proof of funds when studying in Foreign universities.
  • Living cost largely depends on the lifestyle of the student.
  • Cost factor varies with region to region.
  • The travelling cost in abroad is inexpensive.
  • There are plenty of options available in abroad for accommodation ranging from apartments, homestay depending on the lifestyle of the student.
  • Entertainment costs is not much as schools offers discount cards for students.
  • Food costs are also reasonable ranging from $60 to $70.
  • Transport in Foreign universities is mainly of buses for students.
  • Phones and internet have monthly plans which are at low cost.


The application process to study Engineering in Abroad are as follows:

  • Search for a study programme.
  • Student must meet all the requirements.
  • Students must learn the Foreign language as it is easy for them to interact with local people.
  • Search for the suitable financial resources.
  • Student must then apply for the admission in the Foreign university
  • Student must then get his/her Foreign student VISA.


  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Application fee for Visa
  • Accommodation proof
  • Transportation Documents like flight tickets
  • Student must have a properly filled and signed application for the visa
  • Student must have a valid Passport
  • Student must have a letter of acceptance from the college or university
  • Recent resume of the candidate
  • Valid Certificates from the school or the college
  • Evidence of proficiency of the language
  • Evidence that states the fact that the candidate has enough funds to study in Abroad
  • Health Insurance from a recognized organization


  • Work permit is required from Federal Agency or the foreigner’s authority is required.
  • Permit sanctioned defines the number of working hours for a student.
  • Taxes are applicable on the earned salary.
  • Student working within the university has to follow different rules.
  • Student can work for long hours if he/she is working within the university.
  • Getting a job within the university is not an easy thing.
  • There is numerous part time job in Abroad namely teaching, support staff at a café or English tutors or industrial production assistants.


  • The numbers highlight that Indian students are increasing every year with a great number.
  • There are various courses in Engineering which students can opt for.


  • American universities offer specialized Engineering courses for the students.
  • American universities offer more focused approach.
  • USA offers diversity in engineering programs including bachelors and master’s programs.
  • American higher education system is unique and follow innovative methodology.
  • USA engineering programs reflect on diverse teaching philosophy.
  • Students can analyse real-world case studies as well as business scenarios.
  • Students can learn by devising business plans, strategies, budgets and become an expert.
  • The projects and assignments given prepare students for real-life business situations.
  • Students are also given practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.


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