Details of STUDY MBBS ABROAD – Why Study MBBS Abroad is the Best Options!!

Why a majority of the Indian students Study MBBS Abroad compare to any other country?

Every Year More than 15 lakhs Students writes the Premedical NEET EXAM in India, Total MBBS seats in India is only 79498, the Seats to Students Ratio is around 1:19, out of 19 students only one student get the seats for Study MBBS in India,

it’s not that remaining students are not capable of doing MBBS, or they Do not Deserve to be doctors, but unfortunately, due to less number of medical colleges in India, only a few Students can Get the seat to study MBBS in India,

Nowadays, competition becomes so fierce that NEET has become the most competitive exam in the world. What about the rest of the students? Don’t they deserve to be a doctor?

Now 79498 seats are Total seats including all the quotas and categories, how many tries you want to give, What are the chances after more attempts?

Further, if you can’t get seats in Government College in India then? Many Students do suicide because of this, India is top in student’s suicide attempts, and don’t you think Study MBBS Abroad is a better option for them

There must be some other options or alternate option for the deserving students to be a doctor, to achieve their goal, Study MBBS Abroad to fulfill the dream, the dream of life, the thought of becoming a doctor,

We at xpertise education consultancy always guide and motivate the students and Helps in Study MBBS Abroad to such students to achieve their goal and fulfill the dream to become a doctor,

Now, there are many countries has opened the doors for Indian students to come and study MBBS/MD course and fulfill the dream,

There are many countries with only 10-12% population compared to India, but Medical colleges are more than in India, imagine that only 15 % population with more number of colleges compare to India, these countries do not have enough students to fill the seats, and further these colleges are not made only for Indian students to earn money they exist more than 100+ years now

If you are the MBBS aspirant than contact us for the genuine guidance for Study MBBS Abroad or study MBBS in India

Nowadays, Study MBBS Abroad has become the preferred destination to study MBBS among Indian students due to several reasons.


There are more number of advantage to study MBBS abroad, few of them mentioned here,
  • Admission to MBBS ABROAD is straightforward compare to India
  • There is no competitive entrance exam to Get MBBS Admission in abroad,
  • Cost to study MBBS ABROAD is very low compared to semi-government or private colleges in India,
  • No donation and no capitation fees to study MBBS ABROAD
  • International exposure is additional benefits for the students to study MBBS ABROAD,
  • Students explore the different world and culture and receive overall developments
  • Many foreign universities provide world-class infrastructure and latest technology and instruments
  • Medical colleges in abroad are highly ranked, and WHO approved, Students are accepted all over the world
  • Compare to India; Students Gets more access and environment for the different Licensing exams like USMLE and PLAB in MBBS ABROAD
  • Few Universities train the students for the USMLE, MCCQE, and PLAB
  • Many Medical universities abroad recognized by MCI ( medical council of India)
  • So Indian Students enjoy the dual advantages, students can register as a doctor and practice in India as well,
  • Students get a high-quality life, no pollution, well-designed traffic rules, high-quality foods, and world-class cities during MBBS ABROAD


  • For every individual, there may have different reasons to study MBBS abroad, but some common reasons mentioned here,
  • If you have worked hard to get the MBBS seats in government medical colleges in India, but you don’t get the place,
  • You have spent lots of money at a coaching institute, hoping that this will get MBBS seats for you in India.
  • There is fierce competition in India to get medical seats, so you don’t compete with others
  • If you are thinking for the drop to try for the next years, then you should study MBBS abroad instead of wasting years and money and hoping for getting medical seats in India
  • Foreign countries provide a massive opportunity for Indian students to study there.
  • Medical universities abroad are WHO, and MCI approved, and quality of teaching is at the international standard, so there are no worries for Indian students
  • Language of Study in English, the same as in India, so Indian students do not face any language problem in the Study
  • Books are the same which referred by medical fraternity all over the word
  • Students upon completion of the MBBS degree are allowed to practice in the same country as well
  • Students who study MBBS from foreign countries have excellent practical knowledge and has a greater advantage over the Indian students
  • Majority of the medical colleges abroad located in the capital cities and big cities of respective countries, so students have a high edge advantage
  • Almost all foreign countries where Indian students are going for MBBS study are very safe to live; there is no crime or corruption

Important Feature of Studying MBBS from Abroad

Few Important Feature that India students are looking upon:
  • Medical Universities abroad are Offering an MD degree and not MBBS degree, MD degree offered by medical universities abroad is equivalent to MBBS degree in India
  • Medical colleges Abroad are Teaching MD/MBBS course in English medium for Indian students, so Indian students do not face any academic problems
  • Medical Universities abroad teaches the local language to international students, so students do not have any communication issues with the patients and in market
  • Most importantly teacher -students ratio in foreign universities are outstanding hence students are very much in contact and live with students and have a friendship culture, it helps students to clear their doubt easily without any hesitation
  • Infrastructure Of the foreign medical universities attract most of the Indian students,
  • Universities having huge infrastructure with all modern technologies
  • Foreign medical universities are ancient almost 100+ years old and have vast experience and knowledge

Duration of the MBBS course in Abroad

There is diversity in the Tenure of MBBS in abroad; it is advisable to the students to check the duration of the MBBS/MD course in the desired university before taking the Admission:
  • Duration or the tenure of the MBBS in the medical universities of Abroad are Generally from 4 years to 7 years depending on the countries and universities,
  • Duration of MBBS course in foreign medical universities for Indian students differs from country to country and university to university
  • When there is a complete guideline from the Ministry of Health & Ministry of education to the universities, then there will be uniform duration to the all universities in that particular countries, but when there are no clear guidelines from Ministry of Health and Ministry of education then there will be a difference in total duration of the course from college to college in the same country
  • MBBS in Ukraine, Medical Universities in Ukraine offers total six years course for MD/MBBS program, After completing the six years duration university will offer the diplomats and with that diplomates students can register in any country after clearing licensing exam of that particular country, a student has to undergo one-year internship in India if he wishes to practice in India
  • MBBS in Russia also offers the same MD/MBBS program in 6 years duration like in Ukraine,
  • MBBS in Georgia, Medical Universities in Georgia now offers, MD/MBBS program in 6 years duration, Previously Universities use to define the course duration. Hence some of the colleges have given the five year MD/MBBS program to Indian students, but later on, after the ministry guideline all universities changed the duration to 6 years, so now all universities have prescribed 6 Years MD/MBBS Program same as Russia and Ukraine
  • MBBS in China, Students gets MBBS Degree in china and not MD degree, MBBS course duration in china is 5 +1 ( internship) years, Earlier after completing the 5+1 year of internship in china, MCI ( Medical Council of India) accept the Internship done in china, and there was no 1-year additional internship in India, and student can do registration directly after clearing the FMGE, but now this condition has changed, and internship done in china is not valid by MCI now, the student again has to do Internship in India separately, and further china is now not allowing Indian students to skip internship in china, MOH (Ministry of health china) made compulsory for international students to undergo 1-year internship after completing five years duration, so for the Indian students’ course duration is six years only, and after completing this duration students has to undergo 1-year internship in India if he wants to register as a doctor in India
  • MBBS in the Philippines, Medical universities in the Philippines offers total 6-7 years course for MD/MBBS program, Medical universities In Philippines does not give direct Admission in MD program to Indian Students after completing the 12th standard, students have to enroll into BS ( bachelor of science) course ( this course is general psychology and has nothing to do with MD Program) duration of this BS course is 1.5 to 2 years, after completing this course students have to clear NMAT ( National Medical Admission Test) which is the National level entrance test, after clearing the entrance test, students get Admission in the MD course, duration of MD course id four years, so the total course in the Philippines varies from1.5- 2+4 years + 6-8 months Gap for the NMAT Test and admission process, So Total Duration last from 6-7 Years
  • MBBS in America means here MBBS in South America or Central America, or Caribbean countries, these countries offer a 1-year premedical course + 4 year MD course, so total 5 Years course for the Indian student.
  • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan now offering five years course by all the universities, previously one university that is
  • ISM, was offering five years course and the rest of the universities were offering six years course, but after the Notification by Ministry of education for the uniformity in the duration, all universities have started five years for MD/MBBS program for the international students
  • MBBS in Kazakhstan offers total five years course for MD/MBBS program, after completing the five years duration university will offer the Degree, and with that degree, a student can start an internship in India and do practice after registration
  • MBBS in Armenia, some colleges provide five years MD/MBBS program and some colleges offer six years program
  • MBBS in Canada, Medical universities in Canada admit the graduate students, so Indian students 1st have to do three years graduation, after graduation four years MD programs are offered
  • MBBS in USA Medical universities in U.S.A admit the graduate students, so Indian students 1st have to do three years graduation, after graduation four years MD programs are offered
  • MBBS in the U.K, Medical universities in the U.K provides five years MD program course for the Indian students directly after the 12th standard

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS IN ABROAD

Eligibility Criteria for Indian students to Study MBBS abroad are only a Few; students have to fulfill the criteria prescribed by MCI as well as criteria provided by the medical universities abroad:

  • Applicant students’ age shall be 17 or more as prescribed by MCI; the same is the case with the university requirements.
  • Students shall Pass in 12th standard or PU college with Physics, chemistry and biology subjects with the minimum marks of 50 aggregates with the practical marks
  • For OBC, SC, ST students marks cutoff shall not be less than 40 %
  • Applicant must have passed the NEET exam in India
  • Applicant must know the English language

Important information to know before going for study MBBS abroad

Followings are important information for the students who are planning to study MBBS abroad

  • Know the Intakes of the interested countries and universities mostly MBBS intake for the Foreign countries are in September – October
  • Majority of the countries have a single intake for MBBS programs; only a few universities offer two intakes for MBBS programs
  • Students shall get ready and plan to apply for the Admission
  • A student must have the passport before planning to study MBBS abroad
  • Students must apply a few weeks in advance so that documentation and visa process will have enough time, and students don’t miss the class
  • Once the deadline passed no new application are accepted by the university so, students shall apply in advance
  • Some universities get full before the deadline arrives, so students shall take be prepared for that too,
  • Students shall be well aware of the country, about the university, about the climate conditions, environments, etc.
  • There are two vacations in a foreign university, 1st is a short vacation that is a winter vacation last for 10-15 days, and the second one is summer vacation that will be after the final exam, that start from July and last till August,
  • Students shall check about the accommodation provided by the university and the meals provided by the university,
  • There is no compulsory to live in university-provided housing for Indian students, so students can choose accommodation accordingly
  • Students shall be aware of the fees structure of the university; some university are in MBBS abroad in low fees category also


Indian Students before choosing the Medical University Abroad has to check the certifications and recognitions of the particular university he is going to take Admission, recognitions of Medical University is the pivotal factor to consider or to choose any college, followings are the few recognitions students can check

World Health Organization or WHO

  • First and foremost is any medical college Abroad must be recognized or approved with WHO ( World Health Organization)
  • Secondly, medical universities abroad must be recognized by the Ministry of health by a particular country
  • The education ministry of that country must accredit medical universities abroad
  • The same medical university must be listed under the Medical Council of India (MCI) website or approved by Medical Council of India
  • There are few more accreditation you can check upon are as follow
  • When Students are dreaming for the USA than he has to check the accreditation Council for graduate medical education ( ACGME) & ECFGM
  • Students also shall review the World Directory of Medical Schools in FAIMER list


The number of documents varies from country to country and university to university, the following list of essential documents that are must or standard for all the countries and colleges for Admission in MBBS course:
  • 10th class core card with passing marks min 50%
  • 11th Class scorecard with subject Physics, Chemistry, and biology with 50 %
  • 12th Class Scorecard with subject Physics, Chemistry, and biology with 50 %
  • NEET Passing Result
  • School Leaving or TC
  • Valid Indian Passport
  • 25+ Colored Passport size photos
  • The following documents are common for all the universities; few more documents vary from country to country and college to college. Some are like bank statements, medical certificates, Birth Certificates, Police clearance certificates, Parents/Minors Affidavits, sponsor affidavits, etc.


Process of Admission to Medical universities abroad are in two steps
  • Firstly the student has to submit all his academic documents to the university admission department to analyze and check the eligibility
  • Once a student is eligible to enroll in a particular university, admission department will issue offer letter to the students,
  • Based on the offer letter, a student has to transfer the full/part of the tuition fees into the provided bank account of the university ( only a few universities ask to remit the payment in advance) most of the university do not ask the tuition fees before reaching to the university
  • After the receiving tuition fees, the university will issue the request letter to the Ministry of foreign affairs and education ministry to provide the invitation letters
  • Once invitation letters received ( it takes 15-30 days Generally) students have to prepare all the required documents for the visa purpose
  • After the legalizing, all the documents students can apply for the visa into the respected embassy
  • Wait for the visa, once visa received it takes 15-60 days, the student can plan for the journey
  • After reaching to the university, the student has to do the admission process and documentation again after the completion of the chemistry and biology test
  • We are correctly doing the Above procedure on behalf of the students, so not to worry!! We are always there to help you


Things to remember for Indian students to take Admission in MBBS Abroad
  • Application Start and end dates: Generally Application starts from mid-June and ends at the end of August in most of the MBBS ADMISSION ABROAD Colleges
  • Students must plan accordingly and do not waste a long time to choose the country and college,
  • We have seen many students and parents for searching different countries and colleges and comparing them over a long period, and not taking decision early, later on, they don’t get the right colleges, and end up with low category colleges
  • So avoid such things, and take proper guidance from xpertise education consultancy, a leading mbbs consultant in India and choose the best option
  • Second things are the documentation part: students must be cautious about the documents he is submitting because Admission depends on the filed documents, we have seen that students are sending the documents to click through mobiles on WhatsApp, sometime your Admission may be rejected due to the unclear copy, there are the cases we have seen that due to documentation some of the students get rejected in visas also
  • These are the significant steps in mbbs admission abroad; there are many such important factors will be discussed later


There are many advantages compare to disadvantages for studying MBBS abroad; comparisons are below:
  • Advantages or disadvantages of studying MBBS abroad is purely based on the mindset of an individual or based on the perspective of the individuals
  • Those who want to study mbbs abroad they will find more and more advantages of studying mbbs in abroad
  • In contrast, those who do not want to study mbbs abroad they will find more and more disadvantage of studying mbbs in abroad
  • We have seen many parents those who wish to send their child to Abroad they will find advantages and those who don’t want to send their child; they will find disadvantages and tells child every day some negative about the mbbs in abroad
  • There are many advantages of studying mbbs discussed above, students get an international degree with the lowest cost and get international exposure, we have seen the students get advanced and overall development in life
  • Students become capable of dealing with all kind of conditions in life,
  • As such there are no disadvantages if students follow proper instruction and focus on Study, the student has to be more cautious


Based on below-mentioned points you can decide that college you are choosing to study MBBS abroad is best or not
  • Some medical college may be the best for you but may not be the best for others, and some college may be the best for others may not be the best medical college abroad for you
  • There are different criteria for everyone to choose the Top Medical college for MBBS abroad study
  • We are listing here some general principles to select the best MBBS college in abroad for Indian students
  • Mainly students are deciding the college based on the some senior they know who is studying in so and so college
  • Or any of your relatives are studying in some college, so you are choosing the same college,
  • Or you may have single criteria like lowest fees MBBS college abroad
  • Generally, students are choosing a university overseas based on this only, but they should have some universal principles to select the particular university

Top Ten Criteria to Choose Best Medical Colleges Abroad

  1. Check the credential of the university or colleges; it must be approved By WHO and Local Ministry of Health and Education Ministry before choosing the Abroad medical colleges
  2. Check whether the university have any accreditations or recognition with any government or private bodies of top countries before applying for Abroad MBBS college
  3. Check if a university has academic tie-up with other top universities in same counties or other countries, necessary step before finalizing the Abroad MBBS College
  4. Check university or colleges have the MCI Approvals, without checking the list of MCI approved college you must not apply for Abroad Medical colleges
  5. Check the university located in a safe and suitable location of that country, there are the cases that students return to home after reaching abroad, due to such conditions, so properly verify before selecting any country or abroad MBBS college
  6. Check the fees structure of the Desired course of the same university
  7. Check the previous track record of the university; you will get the idea that ho many students have passed from such university, and what are the result of that students, what are the quality of faculty, how they teach, an overall idea of the college
  8. Check the Years of the establishment of the university, also check the infrastructure of the university, this is a significant part, if a university is older than they have very vast experience, they will have excellent faculties and the all required instruments also, this is the best ways to choose the best medical college in abroad
  9. Prefer the government university of that country, government universities in abroad has the lower fees structure with excellent infrastructure, and you don’t have to worry about other things
  10. Check the Climates condition, Inflation rate, food habits, Accommodations, etc.

These are the few Criteria or steps to choose the Best Medical University abroad, xpertise education consultancy having vast experience for the more than ten countries so you can rely on us for the same

Countries offering MBBS Course

Many Top countries give Opportunity for Indian students to come and study the MBBS course,

we have provided details survey about how to choose the best country to study MBBS abroad And give ranks accordingly. You can explore our website for more details

Here we are mentioning the Top countries Offering MBBS course to Indian students

Top Countries to select for MBBS abroad study are as follow

European Countries
Asian Countries
American Countries
Other Countries
New Zealand
Saint Lucia

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